Friday, April 11, 2008

Yahoos Hate AOL Deal, But Too Scared To Tell Jerry

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Kara Swisher called up a half-dozen of her senior Yahoo (YHOO) sources and asked them what they thought of Yahoo's new merge-with-AOL-to-escape-Microsoft-plan (MSFT). In short? They hate it. Unfortunately, they're too scared to tell Jerry:

Kara: Yahoos "consider the Time Warner property slow-moving, weak in technology and saddled with a largely dispirited staff."

Senior Yahoo 1: “We have enough problems without getting theirs, which are much worse. No one here, except Jerry and the board, has any enthusiasm for it.”

Senior Yahoo 2: “I cannot believe they would put our amazing assets with those who we don’t really respect, for the most part, and think that’s okay.”

Senior Yahoo 3: “Look, Microsoft would not be my first choice [as a merger partner] either. But AOL is not even my third.”


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