Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Commentary: How much more relevant is Jeremiah Wright than John Hagee?

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The Republicans and the MSM tell us the Rev. Wright story deserves huge amounts of attention because Rev. Wright was Obama's pastor.

But let's state a few facts: Obama never solicited Wright's endorsement, McCain worked hard to get Hagee's endorsement.

Obama has been asked over and over and over about Rev. Wright. Only one major MSM reporter, George Stephanopoulos, has asked McCain about Hagee, and even then, McCain never singled out Hagee's anti-Semitic remarks (only his anti-Catholic remarks).

When confronted with their lack of concern for Hagee, the Republicans and the MSM tell us Rev. Wright is important, but they never tell us about the importance of Hagee. Even if you agree that Rev. Wright is more relevant than Rev. Hagee, how much more relevant?

Twice as much? Four times as much? 8? 16?

Since McCain has had one major question on the issue, we can establish a ratio (still can't divide by 0). But the ratio itself stands at about 100,000 to 1. Is that a fair ratio?


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