Monday, April 14, 2008

Restrictions eased by Raul Castro since he became president of Cuba

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Since becoming president on Feb. 24, Raul Castro's government has dropped some restrictions on daily life. Cubans can now:

_ Legally own cell phones.

_ Stay in luxury hotels or pay to use their gyms, hair salons and other facilities.

_ Visit resort beaches that had previously been reserved for tourists.

_ Rent cars.

_ Buy DVD players and other appliances; computers are to go on sale soon.

_ Cultivate unused state land with cash crops such as coffee and tobacco. Farmers will also be permitted to buy supplies at state-run stores without special permission.

And the government could soon:

_ Let Cubans travel freely nationwide — and possibly internationally.

_ Increase buying power of the peso, the currency most Cubans are paid in.

_ Reduce restrictions on free enterprise that would allow more Cubans to start their own small businesses.


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