Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obama hits out at Clinton for negative campaign

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PAOLI, Pennsylvania (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama accused rival Hillary Clinton on Saturday of shifting positions and waging a negative campaign as the two candidates sped across Pennsylvania before next week's potentially make-or-break primary election.

Obama, an Illinois senator who is the party's national front-runner but behind in Pennsylvania, hopes an upset will hand him the Democratic nomination and knock Clinton, a New York senator, out of the race to compete against Republican John McCain in the November general election.

He said the former first lady had adopted an attitude of, "We're going to throw whatever we want at Barack, whether it's true, whether it's false, whether it's exaggerated, whether it's relevant, because that's, according to Senator Clinton, what the Republicans will do."

"What's happened is that Senator Clinton has internalized a lot of the strategies, the tactics that have made Washington such a miserable place where all we do is bicker and all we do is fight," he told a rally in Paoli, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.


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