Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dean Says Superdelegates Must Choose Sides Before Convention

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said he'll keep pressing party superdelegates who haven't yet declared support for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to choose sides once the last presidential primary is over.

``The only thing that's going to keep us from winning is disunity in the Democratic Party,'' Dean said in a Bloomberg Television interview today. ``We've got to bring this to an orderly close at the right time.''

He rejected an idea being promoted by Tennessee Governor Philip Bredesen to hold a superdelegate convention to select the party's nominee after the last primary on June 3.

With 10 contests remaining in the nomination race, neither Obama nor Clinton is likely to win enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination. That will leave the decision in the hands of 794 so-called superdelegates, party officials and officeholders who vote at the national convention and aren't bound by results in caucuses and primaries.


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