Thursday, April 17, 2008

Andrew Sullivan: ABC News' Freak Show of a "Debate"

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If you are any guide, this was a debacle for the network. One reader:

This debate was disgusting. But, it only motivated me more and made me realize how very important it is that Obama and the politics that he represents wins this election. I don't make much, but ABC just convinced me to make another small donation to Senator Obama.

And, as a side note, it seems like it would've been better to have had George Will moderate the debate. I have much more faith in his fairness and concern with policy than what these two just put forward.

This debate was the biggest sham I've ever seen. The first hour was nothing but substance-less nonsense, soft ball questions and prattle.

The best part of this "debate" (likely the worst I've ever seen) just occurred a few minutes ago when the audience booed Charlie. I can't believe I just sat through 2 hours of that.


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