Monday, March 31, 2008

Record Number, 28 Million Americans Expected To Turn To Food Stamps As Economy Worsens

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Washington, D.C. (AHN) - With the U.S. economy worsening and more people losing their jobs the number of Americans who turn to using food stamps to help them buy groceries is expected to reach a record high of 28 million this year. That is the largest number since the supplementary program was introduced in 1960 as part of the nation's effort to end poverty, which hasn't happened.

Food stamps have always been meant to supplement a family's income rather than pay for a month's worth of groceries and the dollar amount of benefits varies with a person's income and family size.

But critics say that with recent increases in the price of food that the amount the government gives each person for food stamps should also increase.

Food stamp recipients face the same problem other Americans have when they get to the grocery store. Prices are up on basic food items, shrinking the purchasing power of food stamps.


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