Monday, March 31, 2008

Infrastructure in America: Colorado town to be without drinking water for 3 weeks

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DENVER – High concentrations of chlorine being used to purge salmonella from a southern Colorado town's water system were expected to drop far enough Saturday that residents could use the water for showering.
The disinfection process in Alamosa began Tuesday, five days after officials confirmed the presence of the bacteria in the water. The source is still unknown.

300 people have become ill, with 73 cases of salmonella confirmed.
During the cleansing, the chlorine level in Alamosa's tap water is more than five times greater than what's needed to keep a swimming pool clean. Authorities say it could be April 7 before levels are low enough in the 50-mile network of pipes that residents can drink the water.

In the meantime, volunteers and the National Guard are passing out clean water at distribution points, and officials say the tap water is usable only for flushing toilets.


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